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The roof we manufacture for the T5 is a super low, full length, side lifting design. Our roof is one of the lowest on the market, adding just under 70mm to the top of your van, yet providing you with a 6ft by 47 inch bed with 4ft of head height all the way through the upstairs sleeping area. The canopy comes with two zipped and fly screened arched windows, and two high-level velcro vents, making the roof one of the lightest and airiest designs on the market.

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Technical Info

The roof is available for the SWB T5.

We supply two folded steel, powder coated, longitudinal members that run down both sides of the cut hole, adding strength and supporting the bed boards. This roof does not require us to cut into the cab area, and we do not remove the front factory fitted cross member. Thus the cab area does not need additional strengthening.

The fibre glass top can also be colour coded, with either a straight colour added to the gel coat of the fibreglass roof, or, if a metallic colour, spray applied. The top comes in VW Pastel White (VW L90D) as standard.

The canopy comes with a standard light grey PVC top, and a choice of fifteen colours for the sides and front (which are a sail canvas), allowing you to compliment your van's colour scheme. The acrylic-coated sail canvas is impregnation coated, 100% polyester, abrasion, mildew and ultra-violet resistant and is produced with a clear seal coat to provide a high degree of water resistance. The canopy is included in the price of your roof.

The bed system is a simple three board sliding design allowing you to position the bed where you want, stacking easily out of the way when travelling. It provides the option to remove the bed-boards completely if they are not needed. This system provides full head height down the length of the van or extra storage space.

The bed is available with 3 x 1" foam pads, with zipped cushion covers, available in a marine grade vinyl in a range of colours. (For pricing see the Pricing Tab above or visit Extras Page).

As our roof is a side lifting roof, the hinges and roof lock down clamps are fitted to the outside of the roof. Ask us to send you photos of these and any other details of the roof which you would like to see.

The roof can be supplied and fitted by ourselves but has also been designed as a diy kit and anybody, with some practical experience, should be able to fit this roof in a couple of days. The kit comes supplied with instructions.

The roof will also carry most aftermarket or VW roof racks.

For prices for our T5 Roof, please click on the prices tab above.


Roof Type DIY Kit Delivery Bed Platform To fit in our workshop Colour Coding Foam Cushion Covers
T5 SWB £1650
(£1980 inc vat)
£1 per mile
(£1.20 inc vat)
(£168 inc vat)
(£780 inc vat)
From £100
(£120 inc vat)
(£96 inc vat)
(£240 inc vat)

The price for the SWB roof, minus bed is £1650 plus vat. The price includes:

Canopy (in your choice of colour)
Gas struts
Front fibreglass spoiler
Fibreglass roof
Lockdown clamps
All nuts, bolts, pop rivets, etc
Comprehensive fitting instructions (if purchased as a kit)

When supplied as a kit, the roof comes ready assembled with headlining, gas struts, seals, canopy, lockdown clamps. The only thing you should need to buy is a tube of silicone sealant.

To have the roof fitted at our workshop, the price is an additional £650 plus vat.

The three covered bed boards are an extra £140 plus vat. These boards are covered with 6mm foam-backed, grey headlining. (The same material is used to headline the roof itself.)

We can supply foam for the bed and zipped covers (for the bed), in marine vinyl, in a choice of colours.

Our standard headlining is a dark grey, velour type, foam backed fabric which lines the inside the fibreglass roof, covers the framework and the bedboards.

The fibreglass shell can be colour coded: straight colours can be added to the gel coat for £100 plus vat, whilst metallic or pearlescent colours need to be sprayed onto the roof and the cost for this starts at £240 plus vat.

The lead time for the roof is roughly 3 weeks. For fitting, we will require your van for a week, and customers usually bring down their van on a Friday or a Saturday and collect the following Friday or Saturday.

Carriage for the kit is approximately £1 per mile plus vat, from our workshop. Alternatively, you can arrange your own transportation.

Our roofs are all manufactured in England.


We ship our roofs across the world and can provide you with a quote to your local port or, if you are in Europe, door to door. Please visit our extras page to get an example price for shipping to your country.


If you are based outside the UK, you may not have to pay this tax - please visit our extras page for an explanation of how this tax is charged in Europe.

No vat is payable if you are based outside the European Union. Please visit our extras page for more details on Vat.

There is a charge of 1.7% for roof purchases made with credit cards. There is no charge for debit cards.

Type 5 Roof Image Gallery

Type 5 Roof Image Gallery Type 5 Roof Image Gallery

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