Interested in supplying or fitting our roofs?

We welcome parts suppliers and garages who would be interested in supplying and/or fitting our roofs.
We currently ship our roofs to individuals, garages and parts suppliers across the UK and the world.

We offer trade discounts, which increase the more roofs you purchase. Contact to discuss our trade tariff.

If you are in a hurry for a roof, contact We keep a small number of roofs in stock and if you are looking for a standard roof, without the bells and whistles, we can help.


If you want to fit our roofs, they come with comprehensive fitting instructions, with us at the end of the phone, and take a practical person 3 days to fit. Once you have done a couple you will be able to fit a roof in a much shorter timespan.

Contact us to find out more.

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20 years experience fitting VW pop top roofs

20+ Years

Free replacement struts for life with our VW pop top roofs

Free replacement
struts for life

Specialist VW pop top roof fitting service

Fitting service

Bespoke options available for VW pop top roofs

Bespoke options