We export our roof kits across the world

We export our roof kits across the world.  We have shipped to: Japan, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Lebanon, New Zealand and Europe and most places in between.  
Hundreds of happy customers have fitted our roofs themselves, or asked their local good garage to do this for them. We supply comprehensive fitting instructions plus telephone and email support from us. Alternatively you can visit our installers page to see if there is currently an installer near you.

If you would like a shipping quote, do get in touch.  

You are welcome to arrange your own quote for shipping. Our roof packages are 290cm x 150cm x 40cm, 110 kilos, and need to be freighted top stow and laid flat, non-stackable. We can supply a wooden crate to ship the roof to you, which protects the roof during transit. The cost is £300 for 1 crate made from ISPM15 treated timber and ply. This increases the dimensions to 296cm x 155cm x 50cm, and the total weight becomes 200 kilos (including the roof). We would also recommend taking out insurance.

If you are outside the UK, we do not need to charge you vat. However you will need to pay customs fees and duties once the roof arrives in your home country.

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