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Space Roofs are the UK’s leading manufacturer of elevating pop top roofs specifically designed for Volkswagen campervans. We have been manufacturing and installing our fibreglass roofs for over 20 years and have supplied them to customers all over the world.

Whether you are converting your tin top to a pop top or replacing an old leaky elevating roof, we can help give your van a new lease of life. The additional sleeping space that our roofs provide means that families can accommodate their growing needs, allowing you and your kids to enjoy your van for longer.

Should you wish to fit the roof yourself as a DIY project, want us to install for you or you have a local garage that can do the work, we offer a personalised service to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the right choice. Our modern materials and customisation options allow you to personalise your roof and tailor it to your van’s identity.

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Space Roofs designs, manufactures, supplies and fits elevating roofs for the full range of VW Campervans.  We can supply all of our pop top roofs as kits, which can be fitted by any good garage or practical person in 3 days.

For the VW Splitscreen Camper or VW T1, we offer our SO42 Turret Top roof and the 3/4 length Straight Lift elevating roof which provides a double bed upstairs or spacious headroom, during the day, along the length of the van from behind the cab area.

For the VW T2 Camper, we have the T2 Westfalia Style roof, which comes with a bed platform which is 183 cm x 110 cm.  We also offer for the VW Type 2 Baywindow or T2 Camper our 3/4 length straight lift elevating roof or pop top which offers a bed platform 183 cm x 106 cm.  
For the VW T25 camper van, there is our Westfalia style T25, rear hinged elevating roof which includes a bed platform 183 cm x 116 cm.  

For the VW T4 transporter our pop top is a side lifting roof, which provides 8ft of head height the length of the van behind the cab area.  The optional bed platform is 183 cm x 114 cm and the sleeping area is a large, airy space.

Finally our T5 pop tops are side elevating roofs, which again provide 8ft of head height the length of the van from behind the cab area, during the day.  The optional bed platform is 183 cm x 119 cm providing a large and airy sleeping area.

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