T25 Westfalia Style Elevating Roof, with a double bed upstairs, and choice of canopy colour included in the price, extra side windows available and a choice of coloured headlining

Our T25 Pop Top Westfalia style elevating roof is a 3/4 length front lifting, rear hinged roof with a fibreglass luggage rack over the cab area. Hinges lift the front of the roof by 109 cm and the back of the roof by 25 cm. This roof has the look, feel and dimensions of the original Westfalia roof, but it is easier to raise and lower as we use external gas struts and scissor hinges. Will fit any T25 produced from 1980 onwards.

Top features

  • Includes double bed for upstairs (183 cm x 116 cm)
  • Choice of canopy colour included in the price, in marine grade Odyssey fabric, 18 choices
  • Or optional extra of thicker Sauleda PU coated fabric available, choice of 50 colours
  • Side windows are available in the canopy, with flyscreen and velcro flap. Clear PVC is available as a further optional extra.
  • Headlining available in a choice of 9 colours in a marine grade vinyl (optional extra)
  • 5 cm bed foam and bedding can be stored in the roof when it is closed
  • Fibreglass shell can be colour coded to any colour of your choice
  • Roof rack system (to carry surfboards for example) can be supplied as an extra
  • Hinges and gas struts fixed outside to prevent any possible leak problems.
  • Space Roof customers in the EU have achieved the German TÜV and the Fahrzeugausweis in Switzerland
  • Available as a DIY kit, or can be fitted by ourselves or at any good garage (see our fitters list for garages who have previously fitted our roofs)

Will this fit my van?

This Pop Top roof will fit any tin top van or replace any elevating roof on a T25 van from 1980 onwards. The ideal hole size is 110 cm long x 110 cm wide. If the current hole in your steel roof is too small, no worries, we can make it bigger.  If the hole size in your steel roof is larger, give Pete a call on 07970 868059 to talk through the solutions.

Placing an order

We ask for a £500 deposit to begin production of your roof and the balance is due when the roof is ready to collect or to be delivered or shipped.

We can take payment over the phone with a debit card, but we do not take credit cards. Alternatively you can pay through bank transfer.


T25 Pop Top Westfalia Style Roof

Prices start from:
diy kit
fitted from

Make it your own

Technical information

View all roof options and prices (PDF)

what comes with the roof

  • Canopy (with your choice of colour and windows)
  • Seals
  • Gas struts
  • Headlining
  • Strengthening frameworks
  • Fibreglass luggage rack
  • Covered bed boards
  • Hinges
  • Fibreglass roof
  • Handles, cleats, locking straps, nuts, bolts, etc
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions (if purchased as a kit)

DIY kit

The roof comes as a kit, which would take a practical DIYer 3 days to fit.

If you are having it supplied as a kit, it comes fully assembled, with headlining, gas struts, hinges, handles, seals, locking straps, and canopy already fitted. We supply everything down to nuts, bolts, pop rivets, etc. The only thing you should need to buy is a tube of silicone sealant.

The kit also comes with comprehensive fitting instructions, and Pete at the end of the phone if you have any queries.

Simon, our man with a van, can deliver a roof to you anywhere in the UK for £1.30 per mile plus vat (so if you live 100 miles away, the cost is £130 plus vat).

If you would like a quote for international shipping or haulage, please contact us.

one day fit

We can fit our roofs to some VW T25 vans in one day (extra cost is £250 plus vat). This service can only be provided for tin top vans or where you have removed your existing roof. Contact Pete on 07970 868059 or pete@spaceroofs.co.uk to talk through this service.

fitting option

For fitting - we can either do this for you, or we can recommend a number of fitters in the UK and abroad. Any good garage should be able to do this for you too. We supply comprehensive fitting instructions, with Pete at the end of the phone if you have any queries.

For fitting in our workshop, we ask to have your van for a week and customers usually bring their van down on a Friday or Saturday and collect the following Friday or Saturday. Thinking of holidaying whilst you are in Devon? We can fit your roof in a shorter timescale if your van and current roof meet certain criteria. Call Pete on 07970 868059 or email pete@spaceroofs.co.uk

framework & strengthening

The hole required in the steel roof of your van is approx 121 cm x 109 cm and runs between the front and middle cross members. As no cross members are removed, it does not need any additional strengthening. We supply a plywood framework that is fits around the cut hole. This enables the area to be trimmed.


Hinges lift the front of the roof by 109 cm and the back of the roof by 25 cm. The hole in your steel roof will be 110cm x 110cm. Once the roof is fitted to your van, it adds around 10cm to the height of your van.

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