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The roof we manufacture for the SWB T4 is a super-low, full length, side lifting design. The advantage of this roof is that it gives you eight feet of head height down the whole loading area of the van.

This means you can place your conversion in any position within the van and not feel cramped or claustrophobic.

Type 4 Van

Technical Info

The roof can be bought as a stand alone item or with our separate bed and strengthening system.

The strengthening system provides added safety over the cab area and longitudinal strength down both sides of the van.

The bed system is designed to provide maximum versatility. A simple three board sliding design allows you to position the bed where you want and stacks easily out of the way when travelling. It also offers you the choice to remove the bed-boards completely if they are not needed. This system provides full head height down the length of the van or extra storage space.

As our roof is a side lifting roof, the hinges and roof lock down clamps are fitted to the outside of the roof. Ask us to send you photos of these and any other details of the roof which you would like to see.

The roof can be colour coded in a wide choice of colours; a straight colour can be added to the gel coat of the fibre glass. (If you would like a metallic colour, please ring for details). The roof comes in VW Pastel White (VW L90D) as standard.

The canopy is made from a modern acrylic-coated sail canvas that is available in a variety of colours (see the extras page to chose your colour). The material is impregnation coated, 100% polyester, abrasion, mildew and ultra-violet resistant and is produced with a clear seal coat to provide a high degree of water resistance. The canopy is included in the price of your roof.

The lead time for delivery of this roof as a kit is 14 to 21 days. If you would like this roof supplied and fitted at our workshop, we would need your van for a week.

The roof can be supplied and fitted by ourselves but has also been designed as a diy kit and anybody, with a small amount of practical experience, should be able to fit this roof in a couple of days.


Roof Type Roof Kit Delivery Bed platform and strengthening framework To fit in our workshop Bed Foam Cushion Covers Colour Coding
T4 £1500
(£1800 inc vat)
£1 per mile
(£1.20 inc vat)
(£480 inc vat)
(£780 inc vat)
(£96 inc vat)
(£240 inc vat)
From £60
(£72 inc vat)

The starting price for this roof is £1500 plus vat.

This includes:
Fibre glass roof
Gas struts and hinges

The price for the bed platform and strengthening system is £400 plus vat.

This includes:
Over cab strengthening framework
Longitudinal framework
Bed boards

The roof does not require the strengthening framework if you are not having the bed.

2 inch bed foam is available at a cost of £80 plus vat and we can make zipped cushion covers (available in a choice of colours) in a marine grade vinyl for £200 plus vat, or with piping for £220 plus vat.

Our standard headlining is a dark grey, velour type, foam backed fabric which lines the inside the fibreglass roof, covers the framework and the bedboards. If you would like cream headlining, (a leather-look foam backed vinyl) to cover the inside of the roof, the framework and the bedboards, the cost is £100 plus vat.

The lead time for the roof it roughly 3 weeks. For fitting, we will require your van for a week, and customers usually bring their van down on a Friday or Saturday and collect the following Friday or Saturday.

If you would like us to supply and fit the roof including bed and strengthening system, the price is £2550 plus vat.

You can purchase this product as a DIY kit for £1500 plus vat, or £1900 plus vat to include the bed platform and strengthening framework. Delivery is approx £1 plus vat per mile from our workshop. Alternatively you can arrange your own transportation.

There is a charge of 1.7% for roof purchases made with credit cards. There is no charge for debit cards.

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Type 4 Roof Image Gallery Type 4 Roof Image Gallery Type 4 Roof Image Gallery Type 4 Roof Image Gallery

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