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Brazilian Van with 'Westy' Roof and Luggage Rack

Brazilian Van with 'Westy' Roof and Luggage Rack

Our first blog.  What shall I write about? The Euro?  London house prices? Mmmmm  Or shall I write about elevating roofs on VW campervans?

Pete has recently created a 'westy' type luggage rack that fits snuggly onto the Brazilian Bay roof, so you can have a 'westy' type roof along the full length of your Brazilian.  

As you can see, it means that a Brazilian looks like its European cousins above the waistline.   To date Pete has fitted several of these roofs on tintops.  He has also removed several elevating roofs to replace them with our easy to raise and lower 'westy' type roof.   Our canopies come in a wide range of colours.

Our roof can also supply a bed platform which is 45 inches x 7ft so it feels light, airy and more spacious up there.

So go on, think about giving your Brazilian a Christmas present she won't be able to resist.  Try it, she'll like it and you will too!

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