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Shipping roofs abroad!

Shipping roofs abroad!

We recently sent a roof to Collin, and our happy customer sent us some lovely pics of his great van, with and without the roof.

He said:  "Sam & Pete,   The roof came and it is great.  It was painted to match the wheels and bumpers and it looks and fits perfectly.  I have not had the bus as it went from paint & body to the mechanic.  I have not attached the canvas but expect to have it in 2 weeks to begin the interior.  I am picking up the upholstery today.  The bed fits exactly as it should.  I will send better pictures as the project progresses.  I will be posting nothing but great reviews on The Samba.  Hope your new year and business both prosper.  You make an excellent product.  Thanks, Collin"

What can I say?  We tried, we shipped, we conquered.


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