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A T25 and the Drastic Haircut

A T25 and the Drastic Haircut

The owner of this T25 was fed up with travelling around with a rock and roll style beehive on top of her van, so she brought it in for a haircut.  I know having the wind in your hair is a lovely feeling but when it almost blows your van off the road, it is beyond a joke.  

We duly set to work teasing and tweeking and gently trimming until the unruly mop was gone.  

Then using top of the range products, specialist sprays and fixings, a new hair style was born.

Smart, tidy, trendy, streamlined and a quarter of the weight.  No wonder this van looks so light headed!  Book your loved one in for a haircut today at Salon Space.


(Top photo from - thank you!)

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